Valentines Day Nails


I decided to do my nails for Valentines Day. I use to be a huge fan of nail art, however once I started college I started doing my nails less often (I have realize that labs and nail polish are a huge NO NO.) However, since I had some free time I decided to do my nails, just in time for Valentine’s Day! The colors that I am using is L’Oreal Paris Colour Riche- Top of the Line. I used this as my top coat and base coat. I had a thin red nail polish which I got at my local nail store. The red glitter polish is Color Club’s Art of Seduction.


Here are my final results. I decided to use the glitter polish for a “pop” of color on just one nail, I was trying to do a gradient but the nail polish was so thick that I had a hard time doing it properly. I used some nail stickers that I got from Asia. Overall, it is a very simple nail design but with a pop of color!


Blue Glitter Nails

20140621_151900I decided to do my nails. I used the Color Club topcoat and I used Soo Nails in the  color Kiss You One. Then I decided to add glitter to add more “bling” onto my nails.


Here are my final results. I really like how it looks and I feel like the glitter adds that extra touch to my nails. Now I hope that the glitter doesn’t fall off right away!