The Balm: The Manizer Sisters

Processed with VSCOI have been eyeing the Mary-Lou highlighter from The Balm for ages. It was on my beauty wish list for the longest time and I finally decided to pick it up when The Balm was having a 50% off sale. Rather than just picking up the full size of the Mary-Lou highlighter, I decided to go with the Manizer Sister trio which comes with Mary Lou, Cindy-Lou and Betty-Lou. I cannot imagine finishing a full size highlighter so I decided that getting a small amount of the Mary-Lou will not kill me and this way I would have more colors to work with. The palette retails for $28 but I got it for around $16 (since it was during their 50% of sale and plus shipping).

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I was honestly so excited to unpack this product since I have been waiting so long to get my hands on Mary-Lou. The colors itself are stunning and I am honestly so impressed with all three colors.

  • Mary-Lou Manizer: This is a champagne highlighter color which provides an amazing glow to the face. This highlighter works on a wide range of skin tones including those who are extremely fair.
  • Cindy-Lou Manizer: This is a rose highting color which provides a pink glow to the face. This can also work as a blush since it does provide a nice peachy pink glow to your cheeks.
  • Betty-Lou Manizer: This is the darkest shade out of all of them and this one will def. be a bronzer on my skin tone. This provides me with an amazing all over glow, like I just went to the beach and tanned kind of glow. I am really excited to use this color for the summer.

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When I went into swatch each color, I was amazed at how smooth and buttery each color was. My fingers just glided over each color and they were extremely pigmented. Betty-Lou felt a bit gritty compared to the other two but nothing too bad. The colors themselves are absolutely beautiful on my skin and they have such an amazing glow without being glittery. I am not a huge fan of highlighters that are super glittery, so these are def. right up my alleyway. This palette blew me away, especially since it is pretty affordable and you get three amazing colors. I am so excited to continue wearing these products throughout the month of March and into the summer as well!



Makeup Geek “Damaged” Eyeshadows

I have heard amazing things about Makeup Geek single shadows but never got myself to actually buying them. Recently when I was browsing on the sales section, I noticed that some of the shadows were half off because they were “damaged.” On Instagram, some people mentioned that the damage shadows were still really good quality so I decided to go ahead and purchase five of them for $3 each.

2017-03-12 10

I received them in about a week or two which was pretty fast shipping. When I opened up all the shadows, I noticed that most of them were pretty good quality with just small dents on the shadow which is why Makeup Geek was not selling them at full price. To be honest, three of my shadows looked perfect to me, one was alright and there was only one that was visibly “damaged.” As you can tell from the above photo, Bitten is the only one that had quite a lot of dents in it, but all the other ones look perfectly good.

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These shadows were so much better quality than I expected, especially for the price. They normally go for $6 which is still extremely affordable. The shadows themselves are extremely buttery and pigmented. I had no problem swatching them and there was very little fall out.

  • Beaches and Cream: This is a light peach matte shade that would be a great base color.
  • Frappe: This was the shade I was most excited about since I hear everyone talking about this shade. It is a wonderful matte light brown shade that goes amazing as an all over lid color.
  • Cosmopolitan: This is a shimmery rose gold color. I honestly expected this shade to be gritty, however it went on super smootly.
  • Bitten: This is dark matte maroon shade which would be perfect for the outer corners of the eyes to provide more depth to the look.
  • Chit Chat: This is a beautiful purple blue shimmery shade. I wanted to have a nice pop of color in my collection so I picked up this shade as well.

Overall, I am extremely impressed with these eye shadows and I can see myself buying more in the future, especially because they are so affordable.

February Favorites

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The month of February flew by (then again it was a short month). Since I am still on a no buy until March, I decided to go through my old makeup and use items that I have not touch in a while. Most of my February favorites are old items that I have been finding myself reaching for more often.

  • ELF Contour Palette: This palette was not one of my favorite contour kits compared to all the other ones I own but I decided to give it another chance this month. I have actually been using the lightest shade in this palette to highlight my brow bone. It provides a nice glow without being too overwhelming but I do find that it is too subtle for my cheekbones so I put it on my brow bone instead. I still don’t find the other shades too impressive as I find that they are not pigmented for my liking. But I do think it is a great affordable contour kit, especially for beginners since the shades are not super pigmented it is easier to use.
  • Hoola Bronzer: This was on my 2016 Favorites and for good reason. It is one of my favorite bronzers of all times because it is super flattering on the skin. Hoola provides my skin with a nice tan glow without making me look too muddy. This month however, I have actually been using it all over my lid for a subtle color. In the mornings, I am always too lazy to wear heavy makeup but I do like a bit of color and Hoola bronzer has been my go-to this month.
  • Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation and Concealer: I am actually planning to write a full review on this, but this has been my favorite foundation of this month. It has light/medium coverage and I find that it does cover up my flaws without making my face look too cake-y. However, if I do use too much powder, I do find that some parts of my face do look super dry. But I love how it feels on my skin and it does not feel tacky so I do not need to use a powder.
  • Smashbox Photo Finish Primer: I only have a sample size of this product but I love it. It does feel like a regular silicon primer, but it makes my make up last all day. After using this primer, my foundation/concealer goes on super easily and everything is super blendable. My base makeup looks super smooth whenever I use this primer and I am definitely considering getting the full size once I am done with the sample size.
  • NYX Prismatic Pro Single Eyeshadow (Quad): My best friend got me this for Christmas and I had never actually tried out NYX single eyeshadows until now. They are pretty pigmented and very good quality. I have been loving the darkest color there (which I actually don’t know the name/number of), I usually use it on the corner of my eye, to provide more depth to my eyes. On a day to day basis, I tend to put Hoola bronzer all over my lid and the NYX color on the outside corner of my eye to provide more depth. I am very impressed with these colors and is considering getting more, I love how they are also singles so you can essentially create your own palette.