Items to try in 2017


In an attempt to try to use the make-up that I currently own and not continue to horde items, I have placed myself in a no buy until March. However, there have been some makeup items that I definitely want to try out once this no buy is up!

  1. Tarte ShapeTape Concealer: I have been wanting to try this out since last year especially since everybody raves about this product. All the beauty blogger and the youtubers have been talking non-stop about this product and I definitely want to try it out for myself!
  2. Wet n’ Wild Perfert Pout Gel Lip Liner: Wet n’ Wild has came out with a bunch of products and this is one that I want to try. I have never been a fan of lip liners but I have heard that these are extremely creamy and glides on smoothly.
  3. Wet n’ Wild Megalast Liquid Catsuit Matte Lipstick: This is another Wet n’ Wild product that I want to try out. I have been a fan of liquid lipsticks since last year and find it hard using regular lipsticks so I want to check these out especially since they are so affordable.
  4. Too Faced Natural Eye Netural Eye Shadow: I have never been an eye shadow person so I don’t actually own any eye shadow palettes but I have been playing around recently and I think eye shadow is something that I might begin adding to my makeup routine. Since I am still a beginner in using eye shadows I was hoping to pick up a palette that would work for both day and night with neutral colors which is what this palette includes.
  5. Becca First Light Priming Filter: This is one of Becca’s new item that I have been really interested in. It claims to work as a primer to brighten up the skin which is something that I want for my skin. Since it is winter my skin has been looking dull lately and this is something that I want to try to see if I could brighten it up.
  6. The Balm: Mary Lou Manizer: This item has been out forever and so many bloggers speak highly of this product and after seeing swatches I knew that I needed this highlighter in my life (in addition to all the others that I own).
  7. Sleek Solstice Highlighting Palette: This item has also been out for a while but yet another item that I have been eye-ing since last year. I love highlighters and after seeing the pigmentation on this one I knew that I needed it in my life as well!

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