Smashbox Step-By-Step Contour Stick Trio

Is it obvious that one of my favorite makeup items are contour items. The Smash Box Step-By-Step Contour Stick Trio were actually my first ever contour sets. I was gifted this item and they began my love affair with contour kits. These retail for $45 and you get three sticks: highlight, bronzer and contour.

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The packaging is very simple and it comes with a sharpener so whenever one of the pencils become dull you can make it sharp again. They are extremely travel friendly as it is so easy to slip all three into your makeup bag and there is no need to carry a huge palette which is likely to be heavier.

When I first got these, I was scared to use them as I never tried cream contouring before. However, they come with a booklet which provides tips on how to contour based on your face shape. When I first used them, I was amazed at how creamy they were. Since they are sticks, you do not need any other brushes to apply, simply just draw on your face and then blend it out. I like using a damp beauty blender to blend out. They are very forgiving and very easy to use, so if you are a beginner you would have no problem.

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  • Highlighter: This is a great highlighter for the under eye area and for places that you want to brighten up. It is very creamy and blend-able.
  • Bronzer: This is the stick that I have used the least as I find it makes me look a bit muddy.
  • Contour: I absolutely love this contour stick and this is my favorite product out of the three. It is so creamy and it is the perfect contour shade – it does not make me look muddy at all.

I think that this trio is a great beginner cream contour kit. They are so easy to use and you do not need any brushes in order to apply. These are extremely creamy and blend-able as well.


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