My Scheming Blackhead Acne Removal Activated Carbon Mask Review

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Recently, I have been obsessed with face mask, especially blackhead removal ones. I have heard mixed reviews about the My Scheming Blackhead Acne Removal Activated Carbon Mask. From the Youtube videos that I have watched, many of the youtubers have said extremely good things about this product, however the amazon reviews were mixed. My best friend had actually tried out this product before me and she said that it was pretty good but it does not remove all the blackheads present. I decided that I had to try it for myself so I picked it up from amazon. It current retails for about $11 on amazon.

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This product has three steps and they come nicely packaged together. On each bottle, they include the step that it is along with a short simple explanation of what the product is suppose to do. My box also included a sheet with English instructions on how to use this product however some reviewers on Amazon mentioned that they did not get instructions in their boxes. There are plenty of videos on Youtube that help explain how to use this product so I do not think that it is much of an issue. I am also listing below the steps that I took when I applied this product for the first time.

  1. First, I boiled some water and let the steam open up my pores before I even applied any product. You can also use a warm towel and place it over your nose to open up your pores as well.
  2. Second, I applied Solution 1 of the product which is a Deep Pore Sebum Softener. This product I left on for about 5 minutes before washing it off (it is extremely important to wash off this product prior to using Solution 2). Solution 1 did have a herbally scent to it but it was not too strong. It did make my nose a bit itchy when I put it on (I was not allergic or anything).
  3. Before, I used Solution 2 (which is the Blackhead Removal Activated Carbon Mask), I made sure that my nose was wet. Then I applied a thick layer of the mask (make sure the layer is thick as it makes it easier to take off). The mask did have a bit of a scent at first but it quickly went away. It did take a while for this product to dry from 20-40 minutes, which was a bit long for me since I usually use the Biore Nose stripes and those take about 10 minutes.
  4. Once the product was all dried, I peeled it off from the bottom up (another important tip). It was a bit hard to peel off but not painful or anything, unless you have super sharp nails.
  5. The last step is Solution 3 which is a Skin Clarifying Pore Treatment Essence, this is to help close your pores after the mask. This also had an herbally scent to it but nothing too powerful.

Below, I am attaching images of the end product from the pore strip (it is not overlly gross but if you do get easily gross out by these things DO STOP READING NOWW!!!)

Stop reading if you are disgusted by images of pore stripes.

Stop reading if you are disgusted by images of pore stripes.

Processed with VSCO

Processed with VSCO

Overall, I think that the product does work pretty well. My nose and chin felt amazingly soft after using this product. It does remove the fine hairs that are present on your face which is why your skin feels so soft afterwards. A significant amount of blackheads/white heads were removed using this product, however I do find that some of the extremely deep blackheads do not get removed. It does not leave your nose completely free of blackheads but does a pretty good job at a decent price.


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