Colourpop Ultra Satin Review

As everyone knows, I love colourpop lippies for so many reasons. They have a huge selection of colors and they are super affordable as well; lippies run anywhere from $5-$6. I had previously did a review for the Colourpop Ultra Matte Lipsticks and today I wanted to do a review on the Colourpop Ultra Satin Lippies. These were launched after the Ultra Mattes and although the color selection is not quite as extensive as the Ultra Mattes, it is quickly expanding and for good reason! These also retail for about $6 and you can find them on the Colourpop website!

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I have three colors from the Ultra Satin line; the packaging is the same as the Ultra Mattes minus the fact that it says Ultra Satin on the tube. All the Ultra Satins dry to a semi-matte finish.

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From Top to Bottom: Barcuda, Calypso, November
  • Barcuda: This is a deep rose color with warm undertones. I think that this is a great fall color.
  • Calypso: This is a mid-tone pinky nude color with warm undertones.
  • November: This was from the Kathleen Lights collection, and it is a mid-tone peachy pink color. I find that this color is a lot brighter than Calypso.

To be honest, I did not think that I would like these as much as the Ultra Mattes, since I knew that these were not transfer-proof and I love lippies that are. However, when I wore these colors I realized that I liked them a lot more than expected for a variety of reasons. The first main reason being that they are not as drying compared to the Ultra Mattes; I can wear these for a full day and they do not bring out the cracks and fine lines on my lips. When you first put on the lippies, they do have a tacky sticky feeling on your lips but it is not too uncomfortable and it does go away as the day goes on (not fully though). These are just as pigmented as the Ultra Mattes, I can get away wearing just one coat but I usually like the color more apparent so I wear two coats. As I mentioned previously, they are not transfer-proof and if you drink or eat anything they will come off, however they do not fully come off as your eating/drinking. The color does transfer a bit at a time but when I finished eating there was still a good amount of color on my lips (aka I did not find the need to touch up). Obviously the more you eat/drink, the more color will come off. Overall, they were extremely comfortable to wear (my lips did not feel chapped after wearing it for a couple of hours) and I wore it for a good eight hours and when I went home there was still a good amount of color on my lips. I cannot wait to try out more colors from this line!


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