Becca Highlighter Reviews

Highlighters are definitely one of my favorite makeup items on the market. I love adding that glow to my makeup, so I am always on the search for a good highlighter. Becca is one of my favorite brand of highlighters because they are so unbelievably pigmented and the glow that it puts on your face is insanely bright. Two of my favorite highlighters from Becca has to be the cult favorites: Opal and Champagne Pop. I am pretty sure anyone who watches youtube has hear about these two shades, Opal was the shade that pretty much every youtuber was talking about and Champagne pop was created by youtuber, Jaclyn Hill. Well I have to say that these highlighters most definitely live up to their hype.

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Opal was the color that I had wanted to try since all the youtubers were talking about it, but this was when I was just starting out with highlighters so I decided to get the travel size. I completely regret this since it is my most worn color. After trying out Opal, I knew that I had to try Champagne pop and I finally got my hands on it during the Sephora VIB sale. Becca packaging is super sleek and surdy and I can definitely bring these traveling with me without fear of anything breaking or it getting really messy.

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Becca Highlighter in Opal 

Opal is a golden tone highlighter that looks super flattering on. I find that this highlighter is great for the day and night and it is extremely flattering on different skin tones.

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Becca Highlighter in Champagne Pop

Champagne pop on the other hand is a soft white highlighter with peachy undertones that compliment so many different skin tones as well. I find that Champagne pop is a great color to throw on for the day, super flattering and while it does provide you with the glow it does not over-do it.

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Top: Champagne Pop; Bottom:Opal 

Above I have swatches and they are both super beautiful highlighters with amazing pigmentation. I love the fact that these highlighters make you glow but they are not packed full of glitter. You can pack on highlighter for a even more intense glow but your face will never look extremely glittery (which is something that I dislike in highlighters). Becca highlighters are extremely creamy and they go on so easily! I highly recommend them as I have yet to find a highlighter that I love more than Becca’s.



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