Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip Review

I love wearing lipsticks but I hate how they always smudge and smeared everywhere. Then liquid lipsticks came into the beauty world and they have completely changed the way I looked at regular lipsticks. One of the first brands that came out with liquid lipsticks has to be Colourpop, I remember seeing their Ultra Matte Lips all over Instagram last year and when I heard that the formula was transfer proof; I knew that I had to get some. I originally got three colors; Avenue, Tulle and Bumble (all three colors are on their best sellers list) and since then I have grown my collection to a total of five ultra matte liquid lipsticks from Colourpop.

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I absolutely adore their packaging and how affordable these liquid lipsticks are, they are only $6 a tube and sometimes they have package deals so you can get them for $5. Their packaging is super sleek and photogenic. I love how the tubes are clear so you can see the color of the product from the packaging.

Colourpop has one of the biggest color ranges for liquid lipsticks on the market. They have the basic red, pinks, nudes as well as bold colors such as green, deep purple etc. Colourpop is constantly coming out with new colors so there is always something new to try. My favorite colors still has to be Avenue, Tulle and Bumble (the first three colors that I have ever own).

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From top to bottom: Avenue, Bumble, Times Square, Tulle, Viper
  • Avenue is a deep red color with a bit of brown undertones. I find that this is a great color for those who do not like reds with orange undertones. This color is a great beginner deep red color since it is not super brown red but it does have some brown undertones.
  • Bumble is described as a dusty warm terracotta color and I think this is a lovely pink color that is not too neon and in your face. It is a warm pink color and it looks great on different skin tones.
  • Times Square is a muted pink beige shade. It has warm undertones and it looks a bit brighter in the tube than when actually applied. I have to say that it is a pretty nude color, more nude than I expected when I was looking at the tube.
  • Tulle is described as a dusty mauve burgundy and honestly I think that this color looks different on everyone. I have seen different swatches and the color constantly looks different depending on the lighting. Personally, I would describe it as a darker pink shade with some brown/purple undertones. I think that it is a very unique shade.
  • Viper is described as a dusty rose color and it looks more pink-red in the tube when I saw the images online but it looks more purple-pink in person.

Overall, the formula dries pretty quick and they do dry to a complete matte finish. The colors do transfer but it is very minimal. When I first put on the liquid lipstick, I do find that it is a bit sticky but after about 30 seconds to 1 minute, I no longer feel the sticky feeling if I smack my lips together. The color payoff for these products are amazing; I usually only do one layer and find that the color is perfect. I find that the colors do last pretty much all day long and I usually do not ever touch up during the day since I do not find the need too. They do wear off a bit if oily foods are being consumed. The one big downside to these products is that they are drying, after wearing for about an hour or two I notice that they will sink into the lines on my lips and they can start looking crusty (which is not cute). I tend to have dry lips so I usually do not like wearing lipsticks that are super drying but I just love these lipsticks for so many reasons that I still continue to wear them. Before wearing them I do try to exfoliate my lips/moisturize them so they do not look so crusty and it does help. Despite, the drying factor I do love these lipsticks and I know that I will continue to wear them since they are so affordable and the color payoff is so amazing.




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