E.L.F Cosmetics Contour Kit Review

Been a bit obsessed with contour kits lately and when I saw that ELF Cosmetics’ was having free shipping; I figured it was time that I picked up their contour kit. I have been eying this kit for a while but has always been on the fence on getting it due to the mix reviews that I have read online, but I decided to try it out for myself. The contour kit is $6 and it comes with two highlighting shades and two contour shades. You can also “pop” the shades out and swap them out with the blush palette or the brightening palette to create something that works for you. I love that idea since I personally love palettes for traveling and this will allow me to mix and match my favorite products without me having to carrying a bunch of products.

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I absolutely loved the sleek black and white packaging. However, I have to admit that when I opened up I was not sold on this palette. The shades looked chalky to me and did not look smooth at all. The highlighting shades did not speak out to me either and I did not find the shades particularly appealing to me.

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None of the shades were particularly super pigmented expect for the darkest contour shade. I had to go over each shade multiple times in order to get the pigmentation that you see on my arm above. The shades themselves were not soft and smooth the way I expected them to be. They felt a bit chalky and I was not feeling hopeful after the swatches.

I decided to actually try to use them on my face before completely giving up on them and I am so glad I did. Amazingly they blended out really nicely and created a nice subtly contour on my face that is perfect for everyday wear. The colors are definitely buildable if you wanted a strong contour. I have only used the darkest contour shade as well as the two highlighting shade so not sure how the other contour shade would look, but I am excited to continue using this product. It is a pretty good product for an everyday wear and especially if you are a beginner. The light pigmentation actually helps if you are a beginner and it is only $6 so there is not much to lose.


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