TooFaced Cocoa Contour Review

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Ever since I began contouring I have been on the hunt for the perfect contour kit, my wish has always to have a drug store and a high end contour kit. I had been on the fence between the Kat Von D Shade & Light Contour Kit, Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit and the TooFaced Cocoa Contour Chiseled to Perfection. After much research I decided to go with the TooFaced Cocoa Contour in light medium which retails for $40 and you get two contour shades and two highlighting shades.

The packing itself is amazing and so beautiful (I am a huge sucker for nice packaging). The contour kit also smells like chocolate and the packaging looks like it as well (my mom actually thought I brought chocolate when I showed her the kit). It also comes with a brush that you can use to apply the makeup as well as a guide to show you different looks that you can achieve with this kit.

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The kit comes with a guide with three different looks that can be achieved with the colors.

The contour shades and the highlighting shades were absolutely beautiful. I almost did not even want to touch it since they looked so perfect. There was three matte shades and one of the highlights called Pop of Light had sparkles in it.

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All the shades were matte expect for Pop of Light which had sparkles in it.

The brush itself was super soft as well so I am excited to try applying the product using the given brush. The shades itself were all super creamy expect for Pop of Light, that one was not really creamy which I would attribute to all the sparkles that are present in the product.

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From top to bottom: Light Cocoa, Medium Cocoa, Dark Cocoa, Pop of Light

I did have a fear that the light medium palette might be too light on me, but after swatching I think that it gives a beautiful subtle contour if I use Medium Cocoa. I can definitely achieve a more defined contour if I use the shade dark cocoa. I found that Light Cocoa and Medium Cocoa was not as pigmented as I expected, I had to swipe the color a couple of times before achieving the color that is on my arm. Dark Cocoa and Pop of Light were extremely pigmented and on my arm that is one swipe. Since it is not crazy pigmented at first swipe for Light Cocoa and Medium Cocoa, I think that they would be very forgiving for beginnings and that you can slowly build up to the look at you would like to achieve. I do find that I do not reach for Pop of Light that much compared to the other three shades since I am not a huge fan of the sparkles and it is just not as soft and creamy as the other three shades.

Overall, I am super happy with this purchase and I think that it is a great product and definitely worth the money. I am super excited to play around more with this kit.


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