[Review]Hello Branded Products

The products were received from Influenster but all opinions are my own.

hello box

The box was extremely cute and eye catching. I always wanted to try Hello products because they are always so colorful and eye catching. But I never had the guts to try out their products so I was super excited to receive this voxbox from Influenster.

all products

These were all the products that I got from the box. Everything was full size and I actually got to try different favors which I was excited about.

breath spray

I love breath sprays since I do not like chewing gum often since I feel like it makes my jaw muscles get bigger. I like how small these items are and that I can easily dump them into my purse and carry them with me. The first one that I tired was the supermint one and I like this product although I wish it had more mint favor. But I find that it does work well in keeping my breath fresh. The next one I tired was the pink grapefruit mint which I was excited to try since the favor sounded so different. However, I was not impressed with this product since I found that it was not minty enough for my likely and it did not work that well to freshen my breath.


The first toothpaste that I tired was the pink grapefuit mint one and I was not too impressed. It did not make my breath very fresh and I was disappointed that it did not whiten my teeth very much.


I quite liked the toothbrush on the other hand though. It was very soft and I find that it was very comfortable and it did not hurt my gums at all when I brushed my teeth with it.

Overall, I would not repurchase the toothpaste, however I would repurchase the toothbrush and I would purchase the breath spray (not the pink grapefruit mint one though). I find that their products are a hit or miss, however I did find some that I liked.