[Review] E.L.F Moisturizing Foundation Stick

I love how affordable E.L.F products are and when I saw that their site was having a 50% off sale, I knew that I had to pick up some products. One of the products that I picked up was their Moisturizing Foundation Stick which normally retails for $6 but I got it for $3! Although, I am not a huge fan of foundations, since I find them too thick and usually I feel like they make my skin look super dry even though I do put on moisturizer underneath. The color that I picked up this product in wasΒ Honey.Β 


This is what the product looks like. I actually really like the packaging since I find that it is so easy to carry around and it’s pretty light.


It is a twist up packing, and the color seems alright for my skin. (I find that selecting the perfect foundation color is pretty hard, especially when I’m buying a foundation online.)


Here is what the foundation looks like on my hand. I find that it has some pink undertones in it.


Here is a picture of a part of my cheek, I only put moisturizer on underneath (since my skin is super dry since it is winter). I want to cover up the redness near my nose and the spider-y veins that are on my cheeks.

after 2

Here is what my cheek looks like with the product on, I find that it does cover the redness pretty well, but I do not find that it is especially moisturizing.


Here is a side by side comparision. I do like how it makes my skin looks, since it does cover up most of my skin’s imperfections. I always find that it feels pretty lightweight. I would say that the foundation is light-medium coverage, which I like since it still makes my skin look pretty natural, but covers up my main imperfections.


  • Extremely lightweight
  • Blends out pretty smoothly (I blended with my fingers)
  • Extremely affordable (Only ($6)
  • A pretty good color range (8 different colors)
  • Covers up pretty well


  • Is not super moisturizing (I still see dry spots)
  • A weird plastic/clay smell

Overall, I am very happy with this foundation. Β I would definitely repurchase this in the future. It is so affordable and I love how it makes my skin look!.


5 thoughts on “[Review] E.L.F Moisturizing Foundation Stick

  1. Hmm….knowing that ELF commonly has those 50% off sales, maybe I’ll give this a shot next time. I’ve always been hesitant since stick foundations usually tend to be drying on my skin, but maybe they just require extra moisturization or something. Worth a shot!

  2. What! How did I miss this sale? I really like ELF because of their low prices, but if they’re having a sale that’s even better! Thanks for this post πŸ™‚

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