Project Pan 2015


For the longest time, I have only been buying makeup and I realize recently that I have been having a hard time finishing most of my makeup products. Therefore, I decide to pick out 10 items that I am going to try and finish before May 2015. This means that I am going to be using these makeup products almost everyday in order to do my best to finish them. I have different reasons for each product that I pick out which I will list below.

  1. EOS Lip Balm in coconut milk: I have been using EOS lip balms for the longest time and I think I’m getting tired of them. I want to try out new lip balms but first I want to finish this one before I open another one.
  2. Fresh-sugar rose lip balm: This is a sample size product that I got from the Sephora Birthday Gift a couple of years ago. I’m more than 1/2 done with this product and I decided to put this item here, so I would be able to actually finish a product!
  3. MakeUp Forever Smoky Extravagant Mascara: I think I’m almost done with this product, but I want to finish this up since I’ve had it awhile and it shouldn’t take me that long, especially since it is a sample size.
  4. Benefit-They’re Real Mascara: This is also a sample size product that I have had for a while. I am not a huge fan of this product which is why I have put off using it but since it might expire soon, I figure I might as well finish it up.
  5. Revlon Lip Butter-Pink Truffle: This is my favorite lip product of the moment and I am loving the color especially for the winter. Since it is such a fall/winter color I want to finish this up before the weather gets warmer. I do have a long way to go though since I only used about 1/8 of the tube.
  6. L’Oreal Lineur Intense-Carbon Black: I do not like this liquid eyeliner at all! But I still have so much of this product that it would be a waste to just throw it out. So I am going to force myself to use it in order to finally be done with this product.
  7. Maybelline Fit Me Concealer: I have a couple of new concealers that I want to try out but I do not want to open any until I am done with my current concealer, so here is to me trying to finish it up.
  8. L’Oreal 12HR Infallible: This is the liquid eyeliner that I have been using everyday for a couple of months. I am almost done with this product and I cannot wait until I can try out new eyeliners!
  9. Essence Gel Eye Pencil: This is the eyeliner that I use for lining my waterline everyday, so I figure that it would be a product that I could easily finish.
  10. L’Oreal Voluminous Million Lashes: Not a huge fan of this mascara, but I cannot justify opening a new mascara when I have so many already opened. I am going to try to finish this up before I move onto a new mascara.

Those are the ten products that I am going to try to finish before May comes along. Hopefully, I will be able to finish at least half of those products, since I am itching to try out new products but I do not want to do so until I have used up some of my older products!


[Review] E.L.F Moisturizing Foundation Stick

I love how affordable E.L.F products are and when I saw that their site was having a 50% off sale, I knew that I had to pick up some products. One of the products that I picked up was their Moisturizing Foundation Stick which normally retails for $6 but I got it for $3! Although, I am not a huge fan of foundations, since I find them too thick and usually I feel like they make my skin look super dry even though I do put on moisturizer underneath. The color that I picked up this product in was Honey. 


This is what the product looks like. I actually really like the packaging since I find that it is so easy to carry around and it’s pretty light.


It is a twist up packing, and the color seems alright for my skin. (I find that selecting the perfect foundation color is pretty hard, especially when I’m buying a foundation online.)


Here is what the foundation looks like on my hand. I find that it has some pink undertones in it.


Here is a picture of a part of my cheek, I only put moisturizer on underneath (since my skin is super dry since it is winter). I want to cover up the redness near my nose and the spider-y veins that are on my cheeks.

after 2

Here is what my cheek looks like with the product on, I find that it does cover the redness pretty well, but I do not find that it is especially moisturizing.


Here is a side by side comparision. I do like how it makes my skin looks, since it does cover up most of my skin’s imperfections. I always find that it feels pretty lightweight. I would say that the foundation is light-medium coverage, which I like since it still makes my skin look pretty natural, but covers up my main imperfections.


  • Extremely lightweight
  • Blends out pretty smoothly (I blended with my fingers)
  • Extremely affordable (Only ($6)
  • A pretty good color range (8 different colors)
  • Covers up pretty well


  • Is not super moisturizing (I still see dry spots)
  • A weird plastic/clay smell

Overall, I am very happy with this foundation.  I would definitely repurchase this in the future. It is so affordable and I love how it makes my skin look!.

[Unboxing] Skoshbox January 2014 Review

I am back today with a review on a snack subscription box;Skoshbox. Skoshbox is monthly Japanese candy subscription box for $12/month. This is the second box that I have gotten from my subscription and I am excited to see what is in the January 2014 box!


I love the design of the box and everything about the box because it is so neat and compact!


Here is the flyer that lists out all the snacks that are in this box for the month! I am most excited for the Green Tea Kit Kat and I get two of them!


This is what I saw when I first opened my package, I love opening a package and have Kirby staring back at me. I love how everything was neatly packaged.


These are all the goodies for the month of January! I am super excited to try them all and see which snacks I like the most.

[Review]L’Oreal Paris Glossy Balm Review

I love lip products and when I received this product in the Walmart Beauty Box (Fall 2014), I decided to try it out. The L’oreal Paris glossy balm color that I received is Lovely Mocha. This product retails for $7.99.


Here is what the product’s packaging looks like. I like the packing and they remind me of the Revlon ColorBurst Balm.


Here is what the color looks like. It looks like a mixture of pink and brown.


Here is a swatch of the color and the color had a bit of glittery shine in it.


Here is a picture of my lips without any product.


Here is a picture with the product on my lips. The color is pretty sheer and I did not find that it gave my lips much color besides the fact that it evened out my normal lip color. I liked how it looked on my lips, however I don’t like how sheer the product was and I had to apply a lot in order to get a decent amount of color.


  • Pretty affordable-$7.99


  • Pretty sheer
  • Had a strange smell to it and tasted a bit weird (a bit of a perfume smell/taste)
  • Not very moisturizing

Overall, I would not repurchase this product. I did not like how sheer this product was on my lips and I disliked the strange smell and taste that was there. I’m not a huge fan of lip glosses, which is why I did not like the glittery sheen that it gave my lips.

[Review]Maybelline Color Sensational

I absolutely love lip sticks and I have heard amazing things about the Maybelline Color Sensational lipsticks. I never got a chance to try them out until I got one from my Walmart Winter 2014 beauty box. The color that I got was Maple Kiss and it is in The Buffs color selection from this line. They tend to retain for around $7.49 at most drug stores.

The packaging of the lip stick
The packaging of the lip stick

Overall, I think that the packaging is pretty cute, nothing too special but it doesn’t seem too cheap.

The color Maple Kiss
The color Maple Kiss

Here is what the color looks like. It looks like a coppery brown color and I do not think I have any color like this in my collection.


Here is a swatch of the color and I think that this shade is super unique. It is more of a satin finish.


Here is a picture of my lips without any product.


Here is a picture with the product on my lips. The product was pretty pigmented and I generally like how the color looked with my skin tone and it had a satin finish. It went on pretty smoothly (although I did wear lip balm underneath) and I like how it did not “show-off” the dry spots on my lips.


  • Pretty affordable since it is a drugstore product (around $7.49)
  • Glided on my lips
  • Did not dry out my lips
  • Lasted a solid five hours
  • The line has a large range of colors (they even have lipsticks with matte finishes!)


  • Had a bit of a plastic smell

Overall, I would repurchase this product, since I love how it looked on my lips and I love the formula of the product. I cannot wait to try out other colors in this collection.