[Unboxing] Walmart Winter 2014

So Walmart recently came out with beauty boxes. They are seasonal boxes, with random sample/full size beauty items for only $5 per box. This is the second box that I have ever gotten from them.

This is what the boxes look like.
This is what the boxes look like.

I was super excited to open the Winter Box, since for only $5 I find that these boxes are extremely worth it!


Here is what I got in my box. I was watching Eleventhgorgeous‘s video about this beauty box and they actually got different items than me. So I there there is more than one box out there, but this is what I got in my box.


The first item was this Olay travel size makeup remover sheets. I actually have tired these sheets and I absolutely love them and I am always excited for travel size items, since they are so easy to throw into my bag and I can easily carry them around anywhere.


Then I got these two bottles of L’oreal Paris shampoo and conditioner. For sample sizes, these bottles were pretty big, they are about twice as large as the usual sample bottles I get. I am excited to try them since they are sulfate-free.


Next item was a sample size bottle of Jergen’s body lotion. This item was my least favorite item in the whole box, since I am not a fan of lotions, but I guess it would be a good item to put in my bag and bring it everywhere with me.




My final item was a Maybelline Color Senstation’s lipstick from their Buff’s collection in the shadeΒ Maple Kiss.Β It is an neutral looking lipstick and I am excited to try it out.

Overall, I am pretty happy with my box and even though I got mostly sample sized products, the products themselves were great and the box is only $5. I love how they were products that I would actually use. My problem with beauty boxes is that sometimes they are full of items that I do not find myself using, however this box has items that I know I will be reaching for!


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