[Review] Maybelline FitMe Concealer

This is actually the first concealer I have ever tired. I got this at CVS for $6.99. I got it in the shade Medium.




This is what the product looks like. I love the application brush, it makes it really easy for me to apply my concealer.


Here is a picture of a part of my cheek before any makeup. As you can see it is quite red and there are fine spidery veins on my cheeks.



This is what my cheek looks like with the concealer on, as you can see it is still a bit red however I no longer notice the fine spidery veins that were once there.



Once I gave the concealer a bit of time to set, this was my final results. The redness has gone down and I do not notice the veins there were on my face before. The concealer felt super lightweight.


  • Extremely lightweight
  • It blends out extremely well
  • Pretty affordable since it is a drugstore product
  • goes on extremely smoothly


  • Does not last all day, I see it fading about around 4-5 hours

Overall, I am very happy with this concealer.  I would definitely repurchase this in the future. I absolutely love how lightweight it is and covers up most of my problem areas as well. For a drugstore concealer I am very happy with the results that it provide me.


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