[Review]Essence Gel Eye Pencil

I was at Ulta the other day and I saw this gel pencil eye liner by Essence for only $2.99!! Even though I am not a huge fan of gel eyeliners (I prefer liquid eyeliner) I decided to pick it up since it was so cheap!

That was what the product looks like, it looks like any other eyeliner pencils. The good side is that it is retractable so there is no need for sharpeners. It also claim to be waterproof as well!


This is how the product looks like after I used it a couple of times. This is not the best for fine lines because it is hard to get a precise line since the tip isn’t that sharp.


I love how pigmented it is and how smoothly it went on my hand.


TSince this product claims to be waterproof I decided to test it out. I ran my hand underwater and I saw no smudging of the product which is a plus for me.


Next I decided to smudge the eyeliner while it was wet and see what the results were. I have to say that I am pleasantly surprised. Although there was a bit of smudging; it was very minimal considering the fact that it was wet.


I tired this eyeliner on my eyes and it is not the best for fine lines and it did not go on as smoothly as I wanted it too. I found it to be a bit on the dry side (which I was surprised since it went on extremely smoothly on my hand) which made it difficult to apply.


This is what the eyeliner looks like after 9 hours of wear. I did find that it barely smudged and mostly stayed just as pigmented as when I put it on in the morning.



  • Very cheap (only $2.99 at Ulta)
  • Waterproof for the most part
  • Long-lasting!!
  • Amazing pigmentation


  • On the dry side; making ti hard to apply
  • A bit difficult to remove (which is why it is so long lasting)

Overall, I repurchase this product. For its price I think that it does its job very well. My only problem is that it is hard to apply since it is so dry however, I did find that it is easier to apply on the waterline rather than eyelid. Usually I use this eyeliner for my waterline and use a liquid eyeliner for my lids.


[Review] Maybelline FitMe Concealer

This is actually the first concealer I have ever tired. I got this at CVS for $6.99. I got it in the shade Medium.




This is what the product looks like. I love the application brush, it makes it really easy for me to apply my concealer.


Here is a picture of a part of my cheek before any makeup. As you can see it is quite red and there are fine spidery veins on my cheeks.



This is what my cheek looks like with the concealer on, as you can see it is still a bit red however I no longer notice the fine spidery veins that were once there.



Once I gave the concealer a bit of time to set, this was my final results. The redness has gone down and I do not notice the veins there were on my face before. The concealer felt super lightweight.


  • Extremely lightweight
  • It blends out extremely well
  • Pretty affordable since it is a drugstore product
  • goes on extremely smoothly


  • Does not last all day, I see it fading about around 4-5 hours

Overall, I am very happy with this concealer.  I would definitely repurchase this in the future. I absolutely love how lightweight it is and covers up most of my problem areas as well. For a drugstore concealer I am very happy with the results that it provide me.

[Review] L’Oreal Paris Voluminous Million Lashes Mascara

I always have a problem finishing my mascara, but I finally finished my previous one and the one that I am using at the moment is the L’oreal Paris Voluminous Million Lashes in the color Blackest Black. You can easily find this mascara in the drugstore and they retail for around $8-$11. I think I got mine for $9 at my local CVS.



The brush is round and moderately big and I did not have any trouble with applying my mascara.


Here are my lashes right after I curled them. My lashes are on the short side and they are stick straight if I do not curl them.

10726215_10203665758176859_1922553445_n (1)


10723611_10203665757936853_1195528153_n (1)

Here are my lashes with mascara on them. To be honest, I did not notice much of a difference expect for the fact that my lashes were a bit more curled with the mascara on and they were slightly longer than before.


  • Held up the curled shape of my lashes very well
  • Pretty affordable (~$7-10 at most drugstores)
  • It did not smudge throughout the day which was a huge plus for me
  • Pretty easy to remove (I only used face wash and it all came off)


  • Did not really lengthen my lashes
  • Did not notice a difference in volume

Overall. I would not repurchase this product because I honestly did not see much of a difference with this mascara on. I feel like there are better drugstore mascaras out there for the same price that does it better job. Once I am done with this tube I will definitely be moving on to another one.