[Review]Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter

Revlon Colorburst lip butters have been around forever! I have heard so many good times about them and I finally got my hands on one. I got it in the color Juicy Papaya which is a pinkish nude color.


Here is what the product’s packaging looks like. I absolutely love the packaging, it is super cute.


Here is what the color looks like. It is a nudey peach color and it looks so pretty.

20140501_174059 Here is a swatch of the color and as you can see the color is pretty sheer. Although the color is pretty build-able.


Here is a picture of my lips without any product.


Here is a picture with the product on my lips. There is not too much color however it goes give a nice glossy glow on my lips.


  • Very moisturizing
  • Pretty affordable-$9.99 at most drugstores
  • No strange scents
  • Goes on very smoothly


  • Not very pigmented-but this depends on the color brought

Overall, I would repurchase this product, although I would purchase a more pigmented color, however I love how moisturizing it is and I love the color that it does have.


5 thoughts on “[Review]Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter

  1. I like the lip butters. I’m not sure about mine though. The formula doesn’t seem very consistent, if you know what I mean. Sometimes I’ll apply it and it will be super sheer, and sometimes it will have medium opacity. Like it doesn’t have the same level of pigmentation throughout the tube.

    1. I def. agree about the different levels of pigmentation, although at first did think that it was only my eyes deceiving me! I def. think that the formula could be more consistent but I think it also depends on the tube, my other tube was alright 😐

  2. Lip Butters are a great way to start using lipsticks in general and you should most def try a few other colors. I’m sure you’re going to love all the fun summer shades! 🙂 Lovely post


  3. This is one of my favorite shades! I have entirely too many of these… I find that it stains my lips if I’m wearing it for long enough. Very thorough review 🙂

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