[Review]Wet ‘n’ Wild Megalast Lipstick

Wet ‘n’ Wild is a super affordable makeup brand with pretty good quality make up. I decided to pick up two of their Megalast Lipsticks which retails for $2. This is extremely affordable. I picked up two colors Just Peachy and Cherry Bomb. One thing that I noticed right off the bat is that the formula for both lipsticks seemed to be different.


Here is what the packaging looks like. On the left is Just Peachy and on the right is Cherry Bomb. The packaging felt a fit cheap but for a lipstick that costs only $2, it was not a big deal.


On the left is Just Peachy which is a light nude peach color. One the right is Cherry Bomb which is an amazing dark red color which I was excited to try since I do not have any lipsticks of such color. The color payoff for both is amazing.


Here is a picture of my lips with no product only lip balm.


This is what Just Peachy looks like on my lips and I have to say I am very disappointed. The color went on a bit sheer and the color did not flatter my skin tone at all. I found that it made my lips look very dry and it did not go on smoothly.


This is what Cherry Bomb looks like and this one went on more smoothly in comparison to Just Peachy and it flatters my skin tone a lot more. However, it does look a bit drying since I forgot to apply lip balm underneath.


  • Very affordable- $2 for one lipstick is such a steal!
  • Very pigmented
  • No strange scents
  • Glides on mostly smoothly
  • Wide range of color-there are 20 colors out


  • Not overly moisturizing-lip balm is needed underneath
  • Does not last very long around four hours
  • The formula seems very inconsistent

Overall, I would repurchase this product, they are super affordable for lipsticks and they are of pretty good quality. Although I am disappointed that the formula is inconsistent, however for such an affordable price I do not mind too much. I would stick to darker colors in the future though since those do suit my skin tone better.


[Review]Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter

Revlon Colorburst lip butters have been around forever! I have heard so many good times about them and I finally got my hands on one. I got it in the color Juicy Papaya which is a pinkish nude color.


Here is what the product’s packaging looks like. I absolutely love the packaging, it is super cute.


Here is what the color looks like. It is a nudey peach color and it looks so pretty.

20140501_174059 Here is a swatch of the color and as you can see the color is pretty sheer. Although the color is pretty build-able.


Here is a picture of my lips without any product.


Here is a picture with the product on my lips. There is not too much color however it goes give a nice glossy glow on my lips.


  • Very moisturizing
  • Pretty affordable-$9.99 at most drugstores
  • No strange scents
  • Goes on very smoothly


  • Not very pigmented-but this depends on the color brought

Overall, I would repurchase this product, although I would purchase a more pigmented color, however I love how moisturizing it is and I love the color that it does have.

[Review] Forever21 Lip Color Stick

I rarely wear lip stick and most days I just put on some lip balm and I am ready to go. However, I was on line at Forever21 when I stopped this lip color stick, they seem similar to the but at fraction of the price, they were only $3 at Forever21, so I decided to pick one up and see how it was. I got the color Red since I did not have any red lipsticks or lipstains at the moment.


Here is what the product looks like.


Here are what my lips look like without any product expect lip balm.


Here is the product on my lips. The color is very pigmented especially in person!


Sorry for the blurry image! But this was how my lips looked like after six hours which included eating and drinking at a restaurant. The color is def. still there and it is still obvious that I am wearing a lip product on my lips!

The product was extremely pigmented, something that I was not expecting from a Forever21 makeup product since it was so cheaper. The color does last for quite a long time, even after I ate, I could still visibly see the color on my lips. However, I realize later that the lip product does indeed stain the lips which might be the reason why the color is on for such a long time.


  • Very long lasting because they stain your lips (this can be a pro or a con depending if you like your lipsticks staining your lips-personally I do like it)
  • Very affordable-it was only $3
  • Very pigmented
  • Goes on pretty smoothly


  • Has a strange scent to it, smells a bit like crayons
  • The color stains and comes off a bit easily but the color still remains vibrant
  • Not very moisturizing-lip balm is needed underneath

Overall, I would repurchase this product. I love the color and the color goes well with my skin tone, I also love how cheap it is and for its price it is very long lasting and pigmented.