[Review]Revlon Ultimate Suede Lipstick

I picked up these lipsticks from Revlon. I absolutely love the packaging and how the packaging is so different in comparison to other lipstick packaging. I picked up the color finale and preview. They cost around $9.99 at most drugstores which is a bit pricey for a drugstore lipstick. I picked the lipstick up in the color Preview.

lipstick 1

On the left is what the packaging looks like and on the right is a picture of the swatches. The right swatch is only one stroke and the left swatch is when I went over the color a couple of time. It seems that the color is pretty pigmented on the first stroke however I realize that was not true when I put the color on my lips. I had to put on a couple of layers before I obtained the desirable color.

lips 2

On the left is my lips with nothing but lip balm. On the right is my lips with the color on. The lipstick did not go on as smooth as I expected however it felt smooth on my lips.

lips 3

The picture on the left is right when I  put on the lipstick. The picture on the right is when I wore the lipstick for six hours (I did eat and drink normally in those six hours). I HATED the way that the color faded away, they stuck together in clumps as you can see in the picture and it began to look patchy. Also at this point my lips began to look super dry and I could not stand how this lipstick looked on my lips so I just wiped it off.


  • Very nice packaging, can see the color through the packaging
  • Very good color selection
  • The lipsticks were true to color


  • A bit sheer for a lipstick (it is necessary to apply more than one layer to get an opaque color)
  • A bit on the pricey side for drugstore lipstick ($9.99)
  • The color looks very clumpy on dry lips (for me I need to wear lip balm underneath)
  • After I wore it for a long time, it became clumpy looking

Overall,  I would not repurchase this product again. Even though the lipstick did last longer than some of my other lipsticks, for the price it was not worth it. I have found better lipsticks that applies better and provides a better color payoff at a cheaper price than these.


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