[Review]Maybelline Eye Studio Gel Eyeliner

Liquid eyeliners are my holy grail of all makeup products. The moment I started wearing liquid eyeliner I knew that I was never going to go back to pencil eyeliners. However, I decided to finally try out gel eyeliners. I have been putting this off for a while since I thought that gel eyeliners were hard to put on. I picked up theย Maybelline Eye Studio Gel Eyelinerย in the color carbon. I actually wanted to buy black however I accidentally picked up the wrong one. I did apply the eyeliner with the brush that was provided.

gel eyeliner 1

That was what the product looks like and the swatches on my hand, the product is very pigmented (the thinner line was done with just one stroke). The brush itself was pretty soft and easy to control.

Water Test

gel eyeliner 2


This product was not mentioned to be waterproof, however I wanted to see how the eyeliner smudges. The first picture is when I ran my hand under sink water and the second picture is when I smudged it when it was wet.

gel eyelier 3

The first picture is when I first applied the eyeliner. The color looks similar to black to me which I really like since I love my black eyeliner. The second picture is when I wore the eyeliner for seven hours, the color payoff is still the same however I did see a bit of smudging at the corner of my eye. (It was a very humid day when I wore this eyeliner out.)


  • Very creamy and easy to put on
  • Easy to remove-I removed with simply water and face wash no makeup remover was necessary
  • Moderately affordable (CVS sold this for $10.99)
  • The color is bold and it does not fade (I did realize that if I took a lot of product the color was very dark)
  • The brush that it comes with is easy to use


  • I did see a bit of smudging on the corner of my eye

Overall, I am generally happy with my purchase and I would repurchase this product but in a different color. I love my black eyeliner and I think that I would use this eyeliner a lot more if the color was black.


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