[Review] Benefit-They’re Real!

I do not wear mascara that often, however I do like to have a good one lying around for the days that I do use them. I actually got this mascara from the birthday set from Sephora. I actually wanted to try out this sample size, before I go and buy the whole bottle, because this mascara is on the pricey side.

Benefit blog

Since I have the sample size, the bottle is small, the bristles are very spread out from each other. I generally think that they were able to cover every single lash.

before eyes

Here are my lashes right after I curled them. My lashes are on the short side and they are stick straight if I do not curl them.

after eyes

Here are my lashes with mascara on them. As you can tell they are longer than before and they stand out more. I love this mascara for lengthening since they lengthened my lashes quite a bit. IΒ also like how it defined my lashes and the brush made it very easy to comb through each lash. It did stay on the whole day and did not smduge on me, I did not do a water-test though so I am not sure if this mascara is waterproof. However, I wish that it did give more volume.


  • Lengthens my lash
  • Defined and separated lashes
  • Long lasting and did not smudge on me
  • Did not have a strong mascara smell


  • Did not see a difference in the volume
  • A bit on the pricey side (Sephora sells this product for $23)

Overall, I thought that it was a good mascara and it did its job. However, I would not repurchase (or purchase in my case) this product because it is on the pricey side and I did not think that it was very special in comparison to come drugstore mascara that I have tired for a cheaper price. I think that many of my drugstore mascaras does the exact same job as this mascara for a more affordable price.


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