[Review] Revlon Colorstay Liquid Liner-Black

One of the makeup items that I wear on a daily basis is liquid eyeliner, so I am constantly on the hunt for a good liquid liner that is easy to put on and also does not smudge. I decided to give Revlon Colorstay Liquid Liner a try, since I have heard good reviews about this product. I got the eyeliner in the color blackest black.


The first picture is what the brush looks like and the second picture is the swatches that I did on my hand. The first line is just one stroke and the second line is a couple of strokes on top of each other. I think that the color pay off is very good.

Water Test:Β 

Water Large

I know that the eyeliner did not say that it was waterproof but I still wanted to see how it would smudge under water. The first picture is when I ran water over my hands, the eyeliner did not budge. However on the right is when I decided to smudge it with my finger after the eyeliner was wet.

before and after

The picture on the left is when I first put it on and the picture on the right is when I had worn it for nine hours. You can tell that the color did not fade over time and it did not smudge.


  • Very Affordable-it costs around $6 to $10 dollars and it can be purchased at any drugstore
  • The color is very bold and it lasts for the whole day.
  • It is very easy to use and the brush was easy to control
  • It is fairly easy to remove-I was able to easily remove it with facial cleanser and water


  • The eyeliner did smudge a bit at the corners of my eyes but it was not too obvious

Overall, I really enjoyed this eyeliner and I think that I would definitely repurchase this product because for its affordable price it works wonders. I would like to try this liquid eyeliner in the summer to see how it holds up with it is hotter out and I am sweating more, but for the colder weather this eye liner really does do the trick.


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